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Volunteer at Rainbow

Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative relies on its volunteers to keep the store running smoothly and to extend our community. Volunteers participate in all aspects of managing and operating the store. By volunteering you can help build community around our storefront, reduce operating costs and free up our staff to focus on their specific tasks. Volunteers also receive a 20% discount on all purchases!

If you see a job that you’d like to do (or if you have one you’d like to offer that isn’t listed) please call the store at (608)257-6050 or:

Fill out our volunteer form!


  • Marketing & Outreach

    We’re looking for a volunteer, possibly with a background in marketing, to help Rainbow with advertising and community outreach. Rainbow is trying to increase sales, develop the store’s presence in the community and broadcast existing services the store offers that are currently underutilized.

  • Website Content

    Rainbow is looking volunteers to help us maintain our website. Volunteers are needed to keep an up-to-date blog with information related to left politics and ongoing affairs, local events and speakers, book news and Rainbow promotions.


  • Cashier/Holding Down the Fort

    The basic foundation of Rainbow is having volunteers run the shop. We need people to run the register, help customers, answer phones and assist with the general upkeep of the store. We have a volunteer schedule if you can commit to a regular shift, but we also welcome short-term and temporary volunteers.

  • Events Staffing

    Rainbow tries to keep a community presence by tabling for visiting scholars, conventions and other community events. Volunteers can help to identify upcoming events that Rainbow could sell books for and/or table at the event to sell books.

  • University Bookrush Help (Seasonal)

    A large part of our business is selling books at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters to university students. We’ll need help staffing the store during this two-week rush to keep a presence in the store, help students find the books for their classes quickly and operate the registers. We’ll announce a call for volunteers around sale season, but please be sure to contact us if you’re interested and able to help.

  • Books for Prisoners

    Books for Prisoners needs volunteers to respond to prisoners, verify contact information, match requests, package books, organize book and fund drives, and to otherwise keep the project running smooth.

Please fill out this form or stop by the store and Rainbow will get in touch with you about the details you need to become a volunteer. Thanks!